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"The association featured me as one of their tutors, and I got contacted by three parents in the first week. Now I'm helping out five kids a week to get through their GCSE's!"
Hilary Leigh
"I called the helpline as I was feeling overwhelmed with the news that my child could have Dyslexia, and the person talked me though it all and even helped guide me to how to get my child assessed!"
Hall Read
"I regularly attend webinars by the association, which have helped me learn better ways to study whilst Dyslexic at University, and have used tips and tricks from their news page as well."
Quintin Angus
Dyslexic Student
"I learnt so much from the association about how best to accommodate my Dyslexic employees, and I'm sure they are just as grateful as I am for all the information."
Jillie Tempest
Buisness Owner
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