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Support in School – advice from SENDIASS

Schools have no legal obligation to do assessment for dyslexia, they have legal obligation to support children with learning difficulties and children who cannot access the curriculum.

The schools get funding for send support and they have to put in place support for the children with this funding. As long as they are supporting and helping a dyslexic child to be able to access the curriculum using appropriate resources, they do not have to have a formal diagnosis. They will have to provide evidence that they have put support in place. If the child still cannot access the curriculum, they may apply for EHCP.

Usually it starts with MyPlan – which provide some extra input and support for learning.

If this does not make improvement My Plan plus will be put in place, then outside agencies might be involved such as advisory teachers etc.

If this does not achieve improvements the school or the parents can ask for ECHP for the child. A formal diagnosis is not necessary to apply for EHCP. If the parents feel the school is saying improvements are fine, for example reading age is fine, ask for data, the reading gap should reduce with support and improvement should be more than for example 6 months in a year.

There may be need of assessment to know specifically what the child struggles with and how to learn.

If the gap to peers is widening it should be applied for EHCP. Parents can also ask for this of LA themselves.

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The Special Educational Needs and Disability Information and Advice Support Service (SENDIASS), formerly known as Gloucestershire Parent Partnership Service, provides free confidential and impartial advice and support to parents and carers of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.


Email: or Freephone: 0800158

3603 Direct lines: 01452 389344 / 01452 389345

Family Information Service offer free impartial advice, information

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The Key Disabled children’s and young people’s register and

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